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At PlotBox we are passionate about bringing technology solutions to industries that have been overlooked in the digital age. We love exceeding our customers expectations and testing the boundaries of what we can achieve with new technology. We have an amazing team of people who get excited about solving problems and we need more of you! PlotBox is in demand throughout UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA so we need to grow fast. Do you want to help us build something amazing?
Full Stack Developer
We are looking for a talented and passionate coder who is ready to step up and help grow our product to delight our customers. Working with the CTO you will be setting the standard for engineering at the company. You will be given full responsibility to design and deliver core modules and features of the system. Your role will be wide and challenging:
  • Build out the product roadmap alongside our CTO
  • Design and build core modules of the PlotBox system
  • Lead by example on Continuous Itegration and Delivery practices
  • Work closely with the product team to iterate on ideas
  • Identify and assess new tech that can move PlotBox forward
Job Skills & Qualifications:
  • Minimum 3 years experience building web apps
  • Strong in JavaScript and and at least one Server side technology (we're using PHP right now)
  • Experience in HTML5, CSS3, SCSS
  • Experience with MySQL/Percona
  • Understanding of NoSQL systems and applicable usage scenarios
  • Scaling apps on Cloud Platforms
  • GIS/Esri/ArcGIS Knowledge is an advantage
  • Good communication skills and cooperation with colleagues
US Country Manager
Apply now for US Country Manager job at PlotBox in California.

Managing a cemetery is like managing real estate. Cemetery owners need to know vital information about thousands of plots of land, such as ‘who’s buried in it?’, ‘who owes me money for it?’, ‘is the structure safe?’ and the biggest problem of all, ‘where is it located exactly?’ Cemetery managers are currently using pen and paper or limited and out of date software and this is causing mistakes, like burying someone in the wrong place which can cost up to $1Million in law suits not to mention the emotional cost to the bereaved.

The solution is PlotBox. It’s an easy to use software solution for cemetery managers, giving them control over all their operations in the one place, using location driven data. The death industry isn’t a sexy market – it’s a big one! PlotBox is a premium product for this underserved market.
We are always interested in speaking with talented and passionate professionals. If you don't quite match the open vacencies but believe yo have a lot to offer us please feel free to get in touch.